Daily Life By Brandon
Men spent their lives taking an active part of their city while women lived a private life as wives and mothers. The women lives were mostly centered at their home. Slavery was one of the central features of Greece. Mostly only families of wealth would have slaves to do their house work. But, Spartan daily life was different then other city-states. Women were more active in Sparta. Also, Sparta had slaves that worked for the city instead of a family. Spartan daily life was different than other city-states.
Here you see slaves carrying food for the Spartans.
Children were kept with their mothers until they were 7 years old. They slept in wooden baskets or cradles. Many children had pets, they also had clay dolls to play with. Some pets were ducks, quail,birds,goats,turtles,mice,weasels,grasshoppers, and dogs. Dogs were favorites by the children. At age 7, the children were sent to school.
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Men spent their lives mostly working for the government. They were hardly ever at home with their family. That was the wifes job. The wife would be home doing household chores and caring for the children(if there is any.) Women had no part with the government at all. They had no right with anything at all. They couldn't vote, they couldn't make a speach anywhere and they were pretty much ignored. Women went outside the house at least 3 or 4 times a year! Rarely, some women would work at marketplaces or other things. In their eyes, the men had all the fun.
This was inside the school of Sparta.

This was inside one of the schools of Sparta.
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