Greece was divided into city-states. Each city-state had their own government. At first, the governments were ruled by wealthy men. The people of the governments were grouped into three groups: upper class-men-male citizens of Athens since birth, Middle class-men-males who were not born in Athens, lower class-men-slaves. Only men were allowed to vote on the laws.


Jurors began to get payed in 461 B.C. so that they would be able to stabilize their payments and any loss of their earnings. There weren't any type of officials or judges. Each of the courts had a jury of 200 to 250 men. In court only citizens were allowed to talk. Everyone in the jury got two bronze coins that were used for voting. If the jury laid out the coin with a hole in the middle it meant "guilty". If the coin was solid through the middle it meant "innocent".
The Assembly was a huge part of government. Every citizen had the right to speak and vote at the Assembly. The Assembly was met once every 10 days. The Assembly met on a hill called the Pnyx.


The word democracy comes from two Greek words which are demos which means people and kratos which means rule. This system known as democracy allows all citizens to be abe to say something in the government of their city-state. Democracy is the end of the Archaic Period, some Greek states overthrew their tyrants and adopted a system of government.

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