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Olympics: They held games for their gods. They held the games every four years near Delphi. The famous games were at Olympia, southwest of greece. The games might of begun in 700 B.C in honor of Zeus. Women weren't allowed to compete or watch the games. Only Greek nationals could participate. The games were expanded to one day festivals of athletics. On the middle day an oxen was sacrificed in honor of a God. On the second day the foot race, the main sport of the games, were in the stadium enclosed by sloping banks of Earth. Their were four different types of races. The first was stadion, the oldest game in the Olympics. It's when they sprinted for one stade. The length of the stadium is 192m. The other was for a 2-stade race (384m). A long distance run from 7-24 stades(1,344m. to 4,608m. The fourth race involved running with armor. Which was 2-4 stades (384m. to 768m.)

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